Friday Favorites 11.10.17

What a week it has been! I was supposed to head to Savannah yesterday for Southern Style Now where I was to speak on a panel. Unfortunately, our sweet Tate’s degenerative spinal issues have flared up, this time in his neck, and he has been in a lot of pain. He hardly wanted to eat earlier this week until I started roasting chicken for him and feeding it to him along with brown rice out of the palm of my hand. He is on very strict crate rest and hardly wants to come out, even to go potty. The vet fears that another surgery is imminent, so we are praying and hoping that his regimen of rest and medication will work! The thought of putting him through another surgery breaks my heart. I’m sorry to miss everyone in Savannah this weekend, but I need to be home for Tate as he needs more TLC than ever. I have been spending a lot of time on my laptop this week, right next to Tate’s crate because he gets very upset and starts barking and crying if he can’t see me. Suffice it to say, I could use a small distraction, so this week’s “Friday Favorites” could not have come sooner.

Design: The new issue of Veranda is filled with beautiful projects by Danielle Rollins, Richard Keith Langham, and Alessandra Branca who designed this stunning dining room clad in treillage. Isn’t this stunning? After my trip to Paris earlier this fall, I have been so inspired by the classic beauty of trellis work and am dying to use this application in a project soon.

Style: The air has finally turned crisp in Houston, so it’s the perfect time to update my jacket wardrobe. I’m especially loving more festive pieces that can take me from the office to a holiday gathering effortlessly. I am currently loving this chic tuxedo blazer, this Chanel-inspired tweed coat, and this fun leopard topcoat.

Read: I received the new Vogue book, Vogue Living Country City Coast a few days ago and am in love! This book features so many iconic houses of some of the most stylish people in the world. It is beautifully laid out and edited. I plan to devour it from cover to cover this weekend. Maybe I can read it to Tate as a bedtime story!

Career: Tory Burch is an inspiring entrepreneur, philanthropist, and of course, style icon. I so admire the career she has built and the fact that she is such an advocate for women in business. If you are also a fan, be sure to read this brief interview about Tory’s thoughts on Curiosity in Entrepreneurship as she encourages women to #EmbraceAmbition.

Beauty: While I love cooler weather, I don’t love dry skin. Every year, as the weather cools down, I have to be sure to keep my skin extra hydrated. My go-to, all-natural skin care line, Tata Harper has a fabulous Winter Wonders set available with everything you need to quench your skin’s thirst and keep it looking supple and dewy, including my all-time favorite Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum, which absorbs quickly, isn’t sticky or greasy, and smells divine. My skin has never looked better since I got hooked on this line and the fact that it is all-natural, organic, non-toxic, free of GMOs and animal testing is a huge added bonus.

Shop: It feels like the holiday shopping season has officially kicked off this week! I need to start working on my list of what to get for everyone, but I have some ideas and will be sharing all of my favorites with you over the coming weeks in the LDV Gift Guides, the first of which I published this week, featuring lovely ideas for hostess gifts. A few of my top picks include this chic candle striker, a perennial favorite trio of Diptyque votive candles, and a stylish stocking in one of my favorite fabrics, Peter Dunham’s Fig Leaf. Also, for readers in New York, this time of year brings lots of great sample sales, including the much-anticipated Chelsea Textiles Sale featuring Chelsea Textiles, Holland & Sherry, and Vaughan Designs at St. Ignatius Church through Saturday November 11th at 4:00 pm. I wish I could go, so be sure to check it out if you’re in Manhattan!

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 11.10.17

  1. I can absolutely relate to your heart break and distress for Tate. I have a terrier mix and she too has a degenerative spinal cord and under went surgery just 2 months ago (thankfully very successful). I dread the next time she insures herself since it will most likely mean we will need to let her go. I have a tendency to love my dogs very deeply and become all consumed with their well being. I hope Tate heals with medicine and rest, sweet boy must be in tremendous pain. Keep us posted.

  2. Paloma, So sorry to hear about little Tate’s health issue. Having dealt with a seriously sick puppy for a year I understand what it means to be a dog Mom in distress. We love our furries as they fill the creases of our lives with loyalty, love, licks and laughs! I am praying that Tate is getting comfort as this must be an extremely painful condition. In the Northeast we have Tufts University Veterinary Hospital in Massachussetts, hope that you have the equivalent in Houston, which I am guessing you do. To give love is a great gift and bless you for doing so.

    • Thank you so much, Erica! Tate has a wonderful team of doctors, both his regular vet and his neurologist who have gotten him through his issues in the past. We are hopeful that he will get through this.

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