The Josh Young x Paloma Contreras Collaboration

Social media is the great connector of the modern age. About a month ago, while perusing the explore page on Instagram, I came across the work of Josh Young, an ingenious designer and artist in Chicago. Upon graduating from Italy’s University Catolica del Sacro Cuore, Josh spent six years in Milan which proved to be incredibly influential on his work which has been featured in Vogue Italia, GQ Italia, and Apartment Therapy. Upon coming across Josh’s work, I  immediately started following him on Instagram and fell in love with his avant-garde approach to classical portraits. I loved the juxtaposition of beautiful portraits with a modern, artfully-placed slash. I am constantly describing my personal aesthetic as a modern interpretation of classic style, so naturally, these cheeky portraits were right up my alley!

{Paloma in my Powder Room}

Eventually, Josh and I connected and we developed an exclusive collaboration appropriately called “Paloma”. “Paloma” is a lovely, bourgeois French woman. I was struck by the beautiful composition and color palette in her portrait and immediately knew that I wanted her accent color to be pink. This is the first portrait in an exclusive series Josh and I are developing together and will launch soon. I hope you love “Paloma” as much as I do! When I received the package and saw the portrait for the first time, I was instantly elated. I always tell my clients that art should not be simply decorative, but it should make you feel something. This portrait made me feel pure joy! I had just returned home from Paris and am completely obsessed with everything Parisian, so she was absolutely perfect. I love her! 

{Sitting Pretty on my Mantle}

Stay tuned, because we will be hosting a giveaway later this week and you can win a “Paloma” portrait of your very own.

6 thoughts on “The Josh Young x Paloma Contreras Collaboration

  1. Beautiful. I spy Rubens, a very famous Raphael portrait in the National Gallery of Art, Northern Ren and Rococo paintings, and a Bronzino. Are these works all in the Creative Commons and not privately copyrighted? Not a critique of your venture, which is clever and lovely; I’m just astonished that you have permission from museums and collections to use these images beyond educational applications. Best wishes.

  2. Hello DD,

    Thank you so much for your comment and raising a good question! All of the portraits I use I do extensive research to ensure that the original artwork is in the public domain. In addition, some of the portraits I use are actually photographed by me (whenever and whereever permitted of course) throughout my time living in Europe and travels around the world. In the rare case that the artwork is not in the public domain, I have reached out to museums and galleries for licensing requests. Of course, since my request is to make appropriation art, the usage is normally granted without question. Again, thank you though for your question, I actually really appreciate your inquiry for this! If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email me at Thank you! –

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