A Tribute to Jeremiah Goodman

{Betsy Bloomingdale’s Los Angeles Living Room, 2000}

I was sad to learn that Jeremiah Goodman, the legendary interiors illustrator passed away at the age of 94 a few days ago. I was fortunate to see the Jeremiah Goodman Retrospective at the Dessin Fournir Gallery in Los Angeles when I was there for Legends of La Cienega back in May. Mr. Goodman’s beautiful watercolors seemed to radiate light and evoke a mood like few illustrations can. The New York Times called him “the Rembrandt of 20th-Century Rooms”. Mr. Goodman spent decades painting the houses of the wealthy and famous set. A graduate of Parsons School of Design, Goodman began his career designing Hollywood sets, but was turned off by the industry while working for a notoriously difficult boss. Eventually, he took freelance illustration jobs with House & Garden as well as Lord & Taylor and would go on to be regarded as one of the greatest interiors illustrators of our time. I have no doubt Mr. Goodman’s work will continue to inspire for years to come. For more of his beautiful illustrations, you can purchase his book, Jeremiah: A Romantic Vision.

{Bill Blass’ Sutton Place Bedroom, 2004}

{The Toluca Lake, CA Estate of Bob and Delores Hope, 1950}

{Diana Vreeland’s Famous, Billy Baldwin-Designed Park Avenue Sitting Room, 2000}

{Delphine and Reed Krakow’s Home, 2006}

{The Living Room of John Dransfield and Geoffrey Ross in Mendham, New Jersey, 2005}

{The Bedroom of Wallis, Duchess of Windsor in Moulin de la Tulerie, France, 2005}

{Vicente Wolf’s Living Room in Montauk, 2005}

{Images via Architectural Digest}

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  1. Love his work. Interiors offer such amazing variety in textures, colors, and patterns and he had such a talent for capturing the ambiance of each room. Truly a master at his craft. Thanks for sharing this!

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