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I love the beginning of the Fall, not only because it is my favorite season (ironic as it barely happens in Houston), but because this time of year ushers in a great number of new book releases. As someone who loves classical architecture, Gil Schafer‘s new book, A Place to Call Home is at the top of my list. The third-generation architect has designed beautiful, thoughtful homes in the American vernacular for the past twenty five years and is one of the most revered architects amongst the savviest of design circles. As I flipped through the new issue of UK House & Garden the  other night, I was elated to see they had published an excerpt from Gil’s new book featuring his house in Maine. 

The house is a testament to the incredible transformation a house can undergo when it is placed in the most capable hands. Gil grew up spending summers in Maine and his family had spent time there for generations. Eventually, Gil felt the pull towards Maine and purchased a house of his own there. Contrary to what most would likely expect from a lauded architect, the house was neither historic nor significant. On the contrary, it was an ordinary 1990s chalet-style house with PVC windows and floors stained orange. The location just steps from the water and the lack of architecture actually appealed to Gil who felt he could strip it down and make exactly what he wanted out of it. The 30 by 30 foot great room with double height windows and peaked roof is the most beautiful space in the room, even though it originally presented its own set of challenges. Gil finally conquered the massive space by dividing it into two  seating areas, one facing the water, and the other facing the fireplace and television for cozy nights by the fire. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to pack my sweaters and book a flight to Maine!


{Photography by Simon Upton}

3 thoughts on “Maine Attraction

  1. my family has been summering in Maine since the 50s, and it’s like my real home because I’ve moved so much. I love that quote about embracing the remoteness from modern life– it’s true. There is no internet or tv where we go– and it’s THE BEST. You should totally pack your sweaters and go up for a few days!!

  2. I am lucky enough to live on and be continually inspired by the gorgeous coast of Maine – the state’s marketing people have it right when they say that this is “the way life should be!” Summer and autumn are worth a few months of character builder winter. I’m even thinking of having a women’s creating group here next year – when you’re surrounded by such beauty it’s not hard to have a digital detox!

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