Tory Burch at Home in Southampton

Tory Burch is a veritable style icon in every sense of the word.  She is inspiring on so many levels– a brilliant business woman, arbiter of style, and philanthropist. She has a keen eye for style and has been a genius when it comes to creating her brand through its various extensions. Tory’s various homes have been published numerous times. Her house in Southampton has previously been published in Vogue, but the October issue of Architectural Digest gives us a much deeper look at Westerly, the 1929 Georgian mansion.

The design of the house has spanned a nine-year collaboration with Tory’s go-to designer, Daniel Romualdez with whom she has designed over 200 Tory Burch boutiques as well as her apartment at The Pierre in New York, and Bunny Mellon’s former home in Antigua which Tory recently purchased. The size of Westerly is daunting at 15,000 feet, but what is interesting is the approach that Tory and Daniel took on this project. Rather than designing it all from tip to toe, they have allowed time to take its course, filling the house with antiques, family heirlooms, and pieces found over time. In the fascinating article written by David Netto, Daniel states, “back in the era of the great American country house, from the 1890s to the 1920s, there was no storyboarding,” he notes. “It was much more organic.” This house, like Tory herself and her fashion empire is built on a sense of innate style. 

I am so inspired by classical architecture and big houses with storied histories, which is why this house in particular appeals to me so much. It is legendary in Southampton! The interiors are elegant, yet relaxed. A prized, bronze Diego Giacometti table stands atop a simple natural fiber rug in the entry. The living room features glamorous elements such as a 1930s crystal chandelier and antiqued mirror above the fireplace along with miles of coral silk taffeta drapes, while Colefax and Fowler’s Bowood print lends a sense of cozy charm to the sizable space. Every room is beautiful and elegant, yet the house retains a relaxed quality. It is evident that this is the home of someone who loves to play host, and as such, wants her guests to feel at home. I usually use print more sparingly than what you see in this house, but there is no denying the beauty and fabulousness of this house. Which room is your favorite?

{Photography by Oberto Gili for Architectural Digest}

One thought on “Tory Burch at Home in Southampton

  1. Making a mansion feel cozy and warm is such an accomplishment. I love her bedroom, but does it somewhat remind you of Lee Radziwill’s former bedroom? The painted floors, the botanical prints, the small chair by the bed. I admire both of them. Beautiful! So glad Tory shared her home again…only wish I could see more!

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