Jet Set: Sonoma’s Farmhouse Inn

It’s no secret that I love California Wine Country– particularly the Napa Valley. I haven’t spent much time in Sonoma, except for the occasional jaunt to Healdsburg on our Napa trips and one full day spent there on one of our first trips to the area over ten years ago. I think part of the reason is that all of our favorite haunts are in Napa. In years past, we have visited one or even two times in a year. I think if we lived in Northern California, we would be there at least once a month. I always feel so happy and serene when we visit, although it could just be the wine talking! In all seriousness, it is such a beautiful place and I always feel so inspired by seeing the passion people have for winemaking. It is a beautiful and pure thing, derived from the earth and brought to life with love, blood, sweat, and tears. Wine is truly poetry in a bottle. 

I am ready for another visit, but Fabian says he’d rather go somewhere we haven’t been somewhere we haven’t been before this fall. Perhaps the perfect compromise would be a trip to Sonoma rather than Napa? If I can convince him, I know exactly where I would want to stay– the Farmhouse Inn in the Russian River Valley. The property looks unbelievably charming with its crisp white interiors. The rooms also seem so cozy and well-appointed. Farmhouse Inn has also been named the #1 Hotel in California by Travel & Leisure for the past two years in a row, which says a lot!

Where are you hoping to jet off to next?

{Photography via Farmhouse Inn}

2 thoughts on “Jet Set: Sonoma’s Farmhouse Inn

  1. My husband and I got married in Sonoma – it’s one of our favorite places in the whole world. Check out the Kenwood Inn & Spa – it’s a lovely property. Farmhouse has been on my list for years but we always end up going back to Kenwood.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! It looks charming.
    Vermont is lovely in the fall. The leaves are glorious! And, so many charming towns. We toured the New England States on our Harley. A fall trip to remember.

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