The Vogue Living Collection for Schumacher

Fabric House, F. Schumacher’s latest collection is a collaboration between the lauded fabric manufacturer, and Vogue Living, who took inspiration from the magazine’s archives to create an English Country-inspired collection. It is cozy and traditional, with many beautiful floral prints, as one would imagine, but it also feels fresh and modern, thanks to the scale of the patterns and the brilliant colorways. Vogue’s iconic International Editor-at-Large Hamish Bowles headed up the design of the collection on the magazine’s side and mused “In collaborating with Dara Caponigro and her team on this exciting project we looked both to evocative prints and textiles in Schumacher’s remarkable historic archive, and to the work of some of the great Jazz Age Vogue illustrators, elements of which we have worked into innovative new designs, treatments and color stories. In doing so, we created a collection that pays homage to some of the great tastemakers whose instincts for fashion, style, and interiors has shaped the look of Vogue through the decades.” This collaboration is a match made in design heaven– bringing together one of the most forward-thinking fabric houses and the foremost authority in fashion. I look forward to working some of these pretty patterns into upcoming projects! To see the full collection, click here.

{Photography by Melanie Acevedo, Courtesy of Schumacher}

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