A Palate Cleanser

Happy almost Friday! I hope that you’ll enjoy this post from the archives today. We have been really busy with various projects lately and I have spent a lot of time writing my book over the past several days, so to be completely honest, I am feeling a little spent at the moment. Rather than cobble together something not very compelling for today’s post, I thought it better to give myself a little creative space in order to generate some fresh, new ideas. As such, I wanted to revisit a favorite space that always inspires me when I need to hit the reset button. 

Miguel Garcia de Valcarcel 1

I usually love color and pattern. I also love layers and especially enjoy creating collected spaces with personality and meaning for my clients. Usually, this is achieved through a mix of carefully-curated furniture and accessories, a blend of textures with great contrast, and striking art. Every now and then, though, we can all use a little palate cleanser. 

When I came across this beautiful apartment in Madrid, designed by Miguel García de Valcárcel who also calls the chic flat home, I stopped in my tracks. The entire apartment is done in crisp white and light neutrals to emphasize the natural light that floods through each room. There is a fantastic mix of antiques, modern elements, and found objects, but it is all done with restraint. Miguel is clearly an excellent editor. Each room is chic, warm, and elegantly composed.

Miguel Garcia de Valcarcel 2

Miguel Garcia de Valcarcel 4

Miguel Garcia de Valcarcel 3

Miguel Garcia de Valcarcel 5

Miguel Garcia de Valcarcel 6

Miguel Garcia de Valcarcel 7

Paloma Signature

{Photography via Nuevo Estilo}

One thought on “A Palate Cleanser

  1. This is a perfect example of editing with great discipline and talent. What a lovely environment. I can imagine a big sigh upon entering such a calm, well thought out home.

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