Friday Favorites: 07.21.17

It has been a few weeks since my last Friday Favorites post! The month of July has been a complete whirlwind. We started out in Paris, then came home and got quite sick. Three weeks later and I am still trying to get over my bout with bronchitis. I am so over being sick! In the past couple of weeks, we have had project installations, a couple of photoshoots for my upcoming book at client’s homes. For the past two weeks, we have also been remodeling my master bathroom in order for my house to be complete before we shoot it for my book next month. I am counting down the minutes until the remodel is finished and we can resume our normal lives, including bringing Tate back home from his grandmother’s house. I miss him terribly, but he doesn’t do so well with contractors in and out of the house, making messes and so much noise. On Sunday, Amanda from my team and I will be heading to the Hamptons to photograph our client’s house for the book, which should be fun. It feels like we are in the homestretch for several things right now! Here is what else is currently on my radar. Let me know what is on yours!

Design: Miles Redd is a creative genius, so it is a real treat to see where all of that creativity happens– his Manhattan office, featured in the August issue of Architectural Digest. It is filled with ingenious fabric applications and Miles’ signature style.

Style: A few weeks ago, the Fall 2017 Couture shows took place in Paris and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the stunning Giambattista Valli collection. It is filled with exquisite, feminine details including crystal embroidery, ballet-inspired tulle gowns, beautifully draped chiffon gowns, and a palette filled with black, white, and varying shades of pink. Simply sublime!

Watch: We finally went to the movies to see The Beguiled over the weekend. It was beautiful visually, though not as compelling as I had hoped it would be. During the previews prior to the beginning of the movie, we saw the trailer for a new television comedy called I’m Sorry. We watched the first three episodes on demand over the weekend and loved it. It is witty, smart, and a bit naughty! This is the least inappropriate promo I could find to share with you. Set your DVR!

Read: We are big fans of Sid and Ann Mashburn in our house. We love the brand, the clothing for both men and women, and I personally have a lot of admiration for Sid and Ann and the amazing brand they have built. Ann was recently interviewed for the Women in Business column on Huffington Post and offered such great advice and insight on what. it is like to find your footing and to run a creative business. I am going to make the article mandatory reading for my team because the takeaways are so fantastic, especially for a young woman starting out in her career.

Eat: I met Gaby Dalkin of What’s Gaby Cooking at a KitchenAid retreat in Seattle last fall and have followed her on Instagram ever since. We are both currently working on books and it turns out we have the same publisher and editor! Just the other day, she posted this easy to make Simple Basil Vinaigrette which I am looking forward to trying on grilled salmon and on a salad soon. I can think of so many things to put it on! Apparently, it is one of her most popular recipes, so it must be good!

Shop: The much-anticipated annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is now officially open to everyone! I’ve scoured the sale for the best finds and shared all of my favorite finds in this post earlier this week. Don’t miss out!

Have a wonderful weekend!

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: 07.21.17

  1. I really look forward to seeing “The Beguiled” and also “Dunkirk.” Sophia Coppola has gotten so much praise for remaking a movie through a female point of view. So simple, yet so often overlooked.

  2. Gaby Dalkin’s Basil Vinaigrette is almost identical to my all-time favorite recipe by David Lebovitz, although her substitution of red pepper flakes in place of Dijon mustard is intriguing. I can’t wait to try it!

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