Friday Favorites 06.09.17

It has been so nice being home for the past couple of weeks after traveling so much. We are starting some new projects in the office and will be shooting some recently completed ones for my book over the next few weeks, which I am super excited about. We are also in the midst of interviews for our newest team member at Paloma Contreras Design and am hoping to make a decision soon.

Other than that, I have been enjoying longer days with sunlight well into the evenings and the sound of cicadas serenading us from nearby trees. I have loved the sound of cicadas for as long as I can remember. I just heard my first one of the season a couple of nights ago and Fabian asked me why I love them so much. I don’t know that I have a real reason, other than they are the soundtrack of summer to me. Something about the sound they make reminds me of endless summers growing up. I suppose its a nostalgic affinity! Cicadas aren’t the only thing I have been loving lately. Here is a bit more of what has been catching my eye. 

Design: Textile designer Lisa Fine’s glorious Manhattan apartment was recently profiled in the New York Times T Magazine and it is as beautiful as you would imagine. She has such a knack for mixing exquisite textile. Take the full tour and read about this fascinating designer here.

Style: Not only is Sofia Coppola a talented and celebrated film director, most recently taking home the prize for Best Director at the Cannes Film Festival for her latest film, The Beguiled, she is also a style icon to many, myself included. Sofia was recently profiled in WSJ Magazine with beautiful photographs by Steven Meisel. She looks chic and beautiful in each of the photographs and may singlehandedly make the turban the next “it” accessory! WSJ subscribers can read the full story here. Otherwise, my friend Katie Armour of The Neo-Traditionalist recently featured all of the beautiful photographs from the story on her blog.

Read: If you’re looking for a fabulously delicious, satirical novel to read while at the beach or on vacation this week, look no further than Fitness Junkie, the newest novel by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza which is available for pre-order and hits bookshelves on July 11th. I can’t wait to read my advance copy on our flight to Paris in a couple of weeks!

Watch: A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about the Ett Hem hotel in Stockholm, designed by Ilse Crawford. A reader commented and suggested that I watch an episode of the documentary series, Abstract on Netflix featuring Ilse and the hotel. Abstract is a series devoted to design, featuring a different type of design such as architecture, interior design, fashion design, automotive design, and so on, in each episode. I found the interior design episode with Ilse to be endlessly inspiring. I found the way she approaches design to be so profound.  Watch the trailer for the series here.

Drink: As a rule of thumb, I try not to drink my calories except for smoothies that serve as meal replacements and of course, wine. Otherwise, I drink tons of water– both still and sparkling along with unsweetened tea to keep me going. However, when summer rolls around, I find it hard to resist fresh-squeezed lemonade. Camille Styles recently showcased how to make three different types of herb-infused lemonades: rosemary, lavender, and ginger mint. Which would you make? Get the recipes for all three here.

Shop: We launched a big sale with tons of designer furnishings from my old house. There are still lots of good things available! Pick up takes place tomorrow and I would really like to clear out my storage unit, so if you see something you like, make me an offer! Click here to see what’s left.

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