Dissecting the Details: Alexa Hampton

Hello everyone, Nancy of Marcus Design here to share a Dissecting the Details post with you today. Alexa Hampton has long been on my favorites list, and I love to study her vignettes and styling of the spaces she creates. Looking at her living room designs, I find 3 key characteristics she consistently utilizes that help create her signature style which I would describe as luxe, well traveled, and collected over time. Here are the 3 features:

There is absolutely nothing that can bring the texture, color, depth, and interest that floor to ceiling bookcases can bring. A room with books has soul. Alexa tucks them into corners, flanks them around fireplaces, or even creates shelving that holds books within the passageway between rooms. I love that this is something you find in almost every living space Alexa has designed.
I couldn’t help but notice Alexa’s use of thick and textural sisal rugs, and bamboo shades. Raw wood furnishings are also used to juxtapose against shiny & smooth pieces. It really proves that natural texture is as important as any other element in a room.
I saved my favorite feature for last: architectural prints framed in groupings as artwork. I must say, I think architectural prints may very well be my favorite form of art, and Alexa incorporates them with ease and flair. I love the symmetrically groupings especially, and when framed in lovely antique frames they truly give an air of sophistication and of days gone by.
There you have it, three elements I am drawn to in Alexa’s fantastic spaces. To see more from her extensive portfolio hop here, and be sure to take the video tour of her NY apartment here. As always, thank you for having me!

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  1. I also love architectural prints! They do bring such sophistication and interest to a space. And you can often get them for very little at local consignment shops. It’s the one and only thing that I collect! Now, if I could only get someone else to hang all of them!

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