Chic Find: Stylish Phone Cases by Parker Thatch

Paloma Contreras Parker Thatch Phone Case La Dolce Vita

{My Parker Thatch Marjorelle Gardens iPhone Case}

Years ago, I had a monogrammed iPhone case that I absolutely loved from iomoi. Fast forward several versions of the iPhone and a complete rebranding of iomoi to their new name Parker Thatch and the company, known for their chic, preppy stationery and gifts has reintroduced a collection of stylish phone cases featuring their whimsical designs. Ever since I got my current phone in the fall, I’ve been looking for a case with style. Most options were either cheesy or cumbersome, so I opted for a plain, clear case for my gold iPhone. A few weeks ago, I saw Parker Thatch had announced their new iPhone cases on Instagram and I ordered one right away. Since I love chinoiserie and pink, I selected the lovely Marjorelle Gardens design in Pale Pink. My case arrived last week and I am loving it. Not only is it much more fun to look at than my old clear case was, it is also really well made and feels great in my hand. The back has the design on it while the sides and front are clear, so you see a hint of the gold phone peeking through, making for a pretty combination. Which design would you choose?

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 6.19.35 PM

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