Red Alert

Ashley Whittaker HB 5

{Design by Ashley Whittaker as featured in House Beautiful}

Between Marie-Anne Oudjans home in India that I blogged about last week and the cover of the April issue of House Beautiful featuring a stunning space by Ashley Whittaker, I have been on red alert lately. As I have mentioned in the past, it is not a color that I am drawn to on a regular basis. I don’t have much of it in my wardrobe and very rarely do I use it in my design work. The only red that I use religiously is my signature nail polish– OPI’s “Color So Hot It Berns“. However, every now and then, I start “seeing red” and become inspired by this striking color.

Lately, I have been loving deeply saturated, bright reds. The right hue of red can imbue a great deal of style to any space in a way that is timeless, yet bold. In spite of its ability to make a striking statement, red works because it is also so very classic. While still beautiful, if you were to paint any of the rooms in this post purple, orange, or teal, they might not have the same enduring effect that they do when dressed in chic, beautiful red.

Red Markham Roberts Dining HB

{Markham Roberts via House Beautiful}

Red Miles Redd

{Miles Redd}

Red Brian McCarthy

{Brian J. McCarthy}

Red Luis Bustamante

{Luis Bustamante}

Red Rob Southern HB

{Rob Southern via House Beautiful}

Red Ramsay Gourd HB

{Ramsay Gourd via House Beautiful}

Red Veranda

Red Violet Grey

{Violet Grey}

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