Dissecting the Details: Ashley Whittaker

Hello LDV readers! Nancy of Marcus Design blog here with a Dissecting the Details installment to share with you. Today I’m looking at all of the lovely elements that Ashley Whittaker implements in her living spaces. These rooms are areas where family & friends congregate and I appreciated how much Ashley leaves no detail unconsidered. Here are 4 key aspects to Ashley’s living room designs:

The truth is that the ‘backdrop’ or foundation makes all the difference in a room. We can see that Ashley has considered millwork on the ceilings, and often implements paneling as well. She gravitates towards natural fiber rugs, the diamond sisal rug being a favorite. Once the walls and flooring are perfected, it’s like the stage is set and ready for the beautiful furnishings.
I love that Ashley does not shy away from an obvious touch of femininity. She often selects soft and curvy furniture, tufted details, and skirted pieces. I love the curve in the mirror above, which echos the fireplace below it. Even the roman shades she has implemented are softened with a relaxed curve.
Take a very close look at the spaces above and you will be able to count at least 8-10 fabrics and patterns mixed with ease. What is the most surprising I think, is that many of these patterns are equally as bold as each other, but yet work with each other so well. A dash of animal print is next to an ikat and several florals, yet they all harmoniously create interest in these living rooms.

I had to make mention that while Ashley uses and mixes several bold patterns, notice how they still create an overall soft and soothing palette? That’s testament to her keen eye and ability to design inviting and welcoming spaces. I love her use of blues of course and she often pairs it will lovely shades of green. These truly are spaces you would want to linger in!

There you have it, four design strategies that Ashley utilizes in her stunning work. Be sure to hop over to see more of her extensive portfolio here. Until next time!


5 thoughts on “Dissecting the Details: Ashley Whittaker

  1. Agreed that her use of patterns is spot on! I didn’t notice all the different pattern types until they were mentioned. Used so beautifully and subtly, especially the bone inlay coffee table in the last picture!

  2. Thanks for sharing, these spaces are all stunning in a unique way. I completely agree that the foundation sets the original tone of the room. If you purchase home furnishings and home decor that goes against the foundation of the space things often look out of place.

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