Traditional Meets Modern in Southampton

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While in Southampton visiting my client last week, I stumbled upon a stunning house that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. It wasn’t until yesterday’s post on classic black and white that all of the pieces of the puzzle connected for me and I realized that I’d seen this stunning house before. The architecture, interiors, and landscape design were completed by Sawyer|Berson and it was previously published in Architectural Digest. It’s lovely to see it photographed in the warmer months with the garden’s regalia on full display, although the house was just as striking with its winter landscape which I captured in this Instagram shot.

Apparently, the homeowners wanted the house to be traditional in style and to look as if it had been in the Village of Southampton for over one hundred years, but asked that the interior be much more modern to reflect their taste and lifestyle. As such, the house was designed in a Colonial Revival style in white with black shutters and a beautiful Chippendale-style railing. The juxtaposition created by Sawyer|Berson works beautifully as the home feels like a modern classic marrying the traditional, more formal exterior with the pale oak floors, generous ceiling heights, floor to ceiling windows, and streamlined surfaces and furnishings of the interior.

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{Images via Sawyer|Berson | Photography Nikolas Koenig for Architectural Digest}

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