Black and White is Always Right

clean slate sawyer berson

 {A Stunning White Home with Black Shutters by Sawyer Berson Architects}

Although I love color, I love black and white even more. Nothing is as crisp, classic, or timeless in my eyes. You can dress yourself or your home in black and white from top to bottom and be assured that the result will be chic and timeless. What other color can you truly say that about? In spite of yesterday’s Valentine’s Day holiday being all about pink and red, which I also love, I have been craving lots of black and white this week. Perhaps it is because I am in the midst of some really big and exciting projects and the thought of such a clean color palette provides a respite for the flurry of ideas and to-do lists in my mind, or perhaps it is simply because this combination endures more than any other. At the core of my style– from my wardrobe, to my house, and even my branding both here on La Dolce Vita and on my Paloma Contreras Design site, I am always drawn to crisp, elegant, simple black and white.

clean slate balenciaga

{Chloé via}

clean slate agnes martin

{Agnes Martin}

clean slate paloma contreras design

{Paloma Contreras Design}

clean slate letsgogrungetumblr

{A Chic Ensemble via Pinterest | Original Source Unknown}

clean slate catherine b jones

{Catherine B. Jones}

clean slate architectural digest bathroom

{Natalie Massenet’s London Bathroom Designed by Michael S Smith | Photography by Oberto Gilli for Architectural Digest}

clean slate lsd

{Lauren Santo Domingo}

clean slate hernan paganini

{Hernan Paganini}

clean slate white window

{Image via Pinterest | Original Source Unknown}

clean slate olivia palermo

{Olivia Palermo}

clean slate richard serra

{Richard Serra}

clean slate melody king komisar h and g

{Melody King Komisar via House & Garden UK}

clean slate chanel vanessa paradis


clean slate picasso

{Pablo Picasso}

clean slate sawyer berson2

{Sawyer Berson}

clean slate valentino couture2

{Valentino Couture}

clean slate jan yoors

{Jan Yoors}

{Robert Brown}

clean slate olivia palermo2

{Olivia Palermo}

clean slate white on white lindsay cowles

{White on White by Lindsay Cowles}



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