Sag Harbor Style by Steven Gambrel

Sag Harbor 1

Last week while in The Hamptons for a client installation, my colleague Devon and I had a few hours to explore the area before heading to the city. We visited Bridgehampton, East Hampton, Southampton, and Sag Harbor. Each of the towns is charming and picturesque in its own way. I am not sure that I have spent enough time there yet to really be able to tell you the different attributes of each one the way that I could with the towns in the Napa Valley, but it is something to aspire to! I particularly loved Sag Harbor for its proximity to the water and its charming Main Street with lovely shops and impressive homes on Captain’s Row, where the old seafaring captains built their mansions in the 1700s and 1800s. Coming from Houston, a city which unfortunately has very little reverence for its past, I can’t help but love a place with the exact opposite attitude, preserving these beautiful homes from a bygone era. Enchanted as I was by Sag Harbor, I decided to look at real estate to see what such a dream might cost and I came across this listing for what was once the Summer White House for President Chester A. Arthur. Built in 1796 and most recently renovated and design by Steven Gambrel, the home is on the market for $14.2 million. The 5,900 square foot house is conveniently located near Main Street and is just a few blocks from Sag Harbor Cove. I love the proportions of the house, the beautiful character in each room, and of course, Steven Gambrel’s signature style.

Sag Harbor 2

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{Photography Courtesy of Zillow}

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