Dissecting the Details: Garrow Kedigian

Hi everyone, Nancy of Marcus Design here sharing another installment of Dissecting the Details with you. Montréal-born and now New York-based interior designer Garrow Kedigian has his roots in traditional design while still looking forward to what is innovative and new. His New York apartment, which once belonged to Fred Astaire, holds all the glamour it once did when originally built in 1908, thanks to Garrow’s attention to detail. Let’s take a look at some of the features that Garrow tends to use in his living and dining room designs. Here are 4 key elements I find he consistently employs in these spaces:

Garrow utilizes deep saturated tones for the walls and it creates such a warm environment. He mentions that one of the ways he keeps these colors from being overwhelming is to paint “a strong color on everything, from the baseboard and crown molding to the walls … it works well because it’s not contrasted against a different trim color. It’s almost like a wood-paneled room, where all the elements are the same hue” (via House Beautiful).
One bold color in the room appears via the sofas in these spaces. I think Garrow has me looking at yellow in a different way than I ever have before, those velvet’s are simply luxe. And with a Buillion fringe? You just can’t go wrong.
Garrow expertly uses side tables, round tables, and shelves to create the perfectly styled space. Every flat surface is viewed as an opportunity to create a moment, and I love that. In the image just directly above, notice how Garrow even takes it to the floor – artwork is leaning underneath the sofa table and creating another spot for your eye to find interest.
I couldn’t love this last element more. Antique inspired artwork in such a large size modernizes the space in a way that can’t be accomplished by anything else! The impact these stunning pieces have in the room is undeniable.
And there you have it, four tricks Garrow uses to create divine dining and living rooms. I love every one on the list and would employ them in my own home! Which was your favorite? To see more from Garrow Kedigian hop to his portfolio.



5 thoughts on “Dissecting the Details: Garrow Kedigian

  1. Love the frameless art, it puts a contemporary edge on old masters.
    Love the high gloss detailing on cornice and architraves, adds another dimension to dark hues.

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