In the Mood: February 2017

feb mood green bruce budd

{Bruce Budd}

This week has felt quite spring-like in Houston with temperatures in the mid to high seventies. It’s beautiful and I am enjoying it while I can because we are heading to New York on Thursday for a few days for a client installation in Southampton and the NY Now show in the city. February in New York isn’t exactly ideal for those of us who are averse to the cold weather, but it will be a fun change of pace! In the meantime, I can’t help but look forward to spring. My vision is filled with pretty shades of blue and green– verdant, vibrant, and fresh! We just started working on a new project in the West University neighborhood in Houston and the homeowner is very much a traditionalist at heart like I am, so we will be using a color palette composed of beautiful blues and greens for that home. Are you ready for spring or are you hoping to hang on to a cozy winter palette and wardrobe a little longer?

feb mood giambattista valli couture

{Giambattista Valli}

feb mood blue cy twombly

{Cy Twombly}

feb mood christopher burns

{Christopher Burns}

feb mood blue stripes

{Blue and White Stripes and Jeans– A Classic Combination}

feb mood green alexis walter

{Alexis Walter}

feb mood cameron kimber

{Cameron Kimber}

feb mood jessica de ruiter

{Jessica de Ruiter}

feb mood robert motherwell

{Robert Motherwell}

feb mood mark sikes garden

{Mark D. Sikes}

feb mood jcrew


feb mood cy twombly 2

{Cy Twombly}

feb mood nick olsen veranda


feb mood mens shirt

{A Classic Men’s Shirt with a Twist}

feb mood green alexis walter 2

{Alexis Walter}

feb mood ashley whittaker

{Ashley Whittaker}

feb mood motherwell

{Robert Motherwell}

feb mood blue giambattista valli

{Giambattista Valli}

feb mood blue and green

{A Pretty Room featuring a Blue and Green Hand-Blocked Fabric | Original Source Unknown}

feb mood motherwell 2

{Robert Motherwell}

feb mood gwyneth

{Gwyneth Paltrow}



5 thoughts on “In the Mood: February 2017

  1. Regarding the Bruce Budd photo….who can walk in from outside in Houston, and comfortably sit down on a linen couch, without worrying about marking it in someway? It’s hot in Houston! Forget shorts or short skirts….

  2. Regarding the Bruce Budd- it’s very much your style to use black and white abstract art- I love it but having a very hard time finding some to purchase outside of Natural Curiostities do you have any recommendations in where to find something similar? Thanks! Love your work.

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