Friday Favorites 01.20.17

PCD Friday Favorites 01 20

It has been a whirlwind week after being away in Atlanta last weekend. Quick weekend trips are tough in that you’re going, going, going and don’t have a chance to rest and recharge before the work week. On the other hand, design-based trips such as our visit to Atlanta help me to feel re-energized and inspired about design. As a result, it’s been a fruitful week, but I am ready for a weekend at home! Here is what is on my radar this week…

Design: We found some really great new things at Atlanta’s AmericasMart January Market. I frequent High Point, have been to Las Vegas Market, and NY Now, but had never been to the market in Atlanta. It was fun because they have so many categories in one place– furniture, accessories, tabletop, and even fashion. Our team found some things we are excited to use in future projects. One of my favorite finds was Michelle Nussbaumer‘s beautiful fabric collection for Design Legacy.

Style: While in Atlanta, we tried to pop into Ann Mashburn, but it was closed on Sunday. Luckily, we have one here in Houston. I’ll need to visit soon because it looks like they’ve just received a batch of chic new things such as this pretty Trumpet Sleeve top.

Watch: It seems everyone is talking about Victoria on PBS’s Masterpiece, the new period television show about Queen Victoria’s early reign. I can’t wait to catch up this weekend! Have you watched it? What are your thoughts?

Eat: One of my intentions for the new year is to make healthier choices all around. That may mean actually making it to pilates more often, having one less glass of wine, skipping dessert, or homing in on things with more nutritional benefits such as these 5 Heart-Healthy Foods.

Read: At Market, I stumbled upon a bookseller who had the most beautiful book on the Kennedys that I have ever seen. The Kennedys with Photographs by Mark Shaw is filled with beautiful, iconic photography. With the inauguration today, it feels quite timely.

Beauty: One of the girls in my office is very passionate about skincare and often talked about Tata Harper, a boutique, mostly organic skincare line. I recently ordered the Tata Harper Discovery Kit and have been loving the products! My skin feels amazing and I feel like it’s glowing and looks more awake than usual. I love sharing new discoveries and this is one that I’d highly recommend!

Shop: While perusing the internet a couple of nights ago, I noticed J.Crew’s Collection has some chic, updated classics such as this chic pajama-inspired wool flannel jumpsuit and a cropped tuxedo jacket in Italian wool. I love a feminine take on menswear– super chic!

What are you loving this week? Have a wonderful weekend!


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  1. Paloma, I always love your picks! I have been using Tata Harper as well & my favorite is the resurfacing mask…instant glow! Also, if you are on a health kick, I highly recommend Danette May & her 30 day challenge. I eat pretty clean & healthy, but she has taken it to a whole other level. I’m never hungry & I have come away with healthy recipe that are easy, so healthy, & I will use them for many future meals even once the challenge is over. I’m on Day 20 & feel fantastic!! I didn’t have but 5 lbs to lose, but people are dropping crazy weight in her support group. It is less of a diet though & more of a total lifestyle reboot. And I’m drinking WAY less wine & not really missing it either. Who knew?!

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