In Bloom: Vladimir Kanevsky

Vladimir Kanevsky 1

I love fresh flowers at home. They instantly add beauty and joy to any space. Clients are always so excited when we fill their homes with fresh flowers on installation and photoshoot days. I encourage them to treat themselves to fresh flowers each week, even if they are just from the grocery store. They are one of life’s simplest and loveliest pleasures. As much as I enjoy fresh flowers, I recently stopped in my tracks upon discovering the work of sculptor Vladimir Kanevsky. Vladimir’s muse is nature herself, particular the beautiful flowers that inspire so many of us. Using porcelain and tole, Vladimir sculpts the most exquisite creations. The details are so accurate and his sculptures, while stunning, maintain a natural, organic quality which make them extremely life-like.

Vladimir Kanevsky

{Hollyhock and Hyacinth in the Home of Oscar and Annette de la Renta}

I have seen his delicate sculptures at Hollyhock on La Cienega in West Hollywood and remember thinking they were beautiful, but it has been such a treat to find Vladimir on Instagram and learn more about the delicate beauty he creates day in and day out. His clientele includes the late Oscar de la Renta, Carolyne Roehm, Hollyhock proprietor Suzanne Rheinstein, Deeda Blair, and Charlotte Moss. Style icon Carolyne Roehm has said “Vladimir has achieved perfection. His porcelain flowers bring all the beauty and glory of the original without the limited shelf life.” In a world where things can feel uncertain, isn’t it wonderful to come across something that is simply beautiful and inspiring?

Vladimir Kanevsky 2

{Porcelain and Tole Lilacs on Irina Abramovich’s Table}

Vladimir Kanevsky Carolyne Roehm

{Detail of a Vladimir Kanevsky Sculpture in the Home of Carolyne Rohm}

vladimir kanevsky hollyhocks

{Hollyhocks in Various Colors and Sizes}

vladimir kanevsky hydrangea


vladimir kanevsky lilac


vladimir kanevsky tree peony

{Tree Peony}

vladimir kanevsky lily of the valley lilac

{Lily of the Valley and Lilac}

vladimir kanevsky morning glory

{Hollyhock and Morning Glory in Antique Blue and White Vases}


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