Lust List: January 2017

This week, I’ve been going through one of those dreaded slumps during which I hate just about everything in my closet. With the exception of some favorites, I kind of just want to start over. I say this mostly in jest, but I am sure you can relate. I know we all go through this a few times a year! With that said, I have some updated classics on my lust list this month– pretty blouses with feminine details, chic denim silhouettes, stylish sweaters and jackets, and great shoes and accessories. What are you currently lusting after!



3 thoughts on “Lust List: January 2017

  1. Strangely enough, not clothes. I’ve been redoing a home I bought in San Antonio a few months ago and have finally gotten many of my things out of storage. It’s the first time I’ve seen them in 10 years. Kind of like reuniting with old friends. I was a photographer and a journalist for a longtime, so photography is one of my passions. I splurged on an almost life-size black & white full length photograph of Keith Richards, taken by the great Albert Watson in 1985. Right now, I’m lusting after a well-known Herb Ritts photograph, but since Keith set me back, this one may not be in my budget. Brenda

  2. Like most of your lists and love some, too. But that first long sleeve blouse with the bow in front? Looks like a straight jacket to me. Lol! Please place that last in your list if you start going after your lusts. ?

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