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My talented friends, Alyssa Kapito and Vivian Muller of Manhattan-based, Kapito Muller recently completed a new project in Beverly Hills. I had heard a bit about the project when meeting up with Alyssa in New York and was so excited to see it. Architectural Digest just published the full tour online and it does not disappoint. The home proves that restraint and simplicity always result in an elegant, timeless space. While this home certainly has a more modern spirit, it still feels tailored, polished, yet relaxed. There is also a factor of hipness thanks to a great selection of art and some unique, sculptural pieces. This home also serves as a wonderful example that sometimes a neutral palette can be even more striking than a bold one. In addition, it allows textures, finishes, and the other elements that add distinction to a space to truly shine. While all of the spaces are super chic, I especially love the living room pictured above. Which room is your favorite?









{Photography by Laure Joliet for Architectural Digest}

9 thoughts on “Chic Simplicity

  1. Sorry, but this is so “California” that it looks old, and too stiff to my eye. I’ve seen so many homes that look like this here, with the exception of a few unique pieces.

    I think it also looks cold and not anywhere to settle in and relax. The sitting area with the wicker chairs….how do you see each other around the higher table with the plant on top? The table and wonderful dining chairs next to the yard, imagine trying to sit on those chairs in a pair of shorts? They are not comfortable on bare legs….we wear shorts in BevHills.
    Dated and frigid. IMO but as always, I love that you put it out there!!!

  2. I really do like the simplicity of the white that has been a theme throughout the home. It really is classic and will probably always be a staple in design. I recently had my new apartment furnished by Furnishr and they kept this white, simple theme with some grey and navy added in. I really enjoy the clean lines and feel like I am living in the most sophisticated space. if you wanted to check them out.

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