Michele Bonan in St. Tropez


This weekend was very cold in Houston, so we spent a lot of time at home. I spent part of Saturday afternoon flipping through some of my favorite design books, seeking a fresh dose of inspiration for the week. One of my favorite architects and designers is Michele Bonan, based in Italy. You may be familiar with some of the hotel properties Michele has designed– JK Florence, JK Capri, JK Roma, Casa Tua in Miami, but as I thumbed through his book, Michele Bonan: The Gentleman of Style, I realized I hadn’t ever seen or paid attention to the photos of his home in St. Tropez.

While the home is decidedly more relaxed than a lot of the other spaces Michele has designed, it maintains the same level of tailored sophistication associated with his work. Flatweave rugs, braided rush chairs, and red and white stripes lend a more casual air to his St. Tropez home, but the signature hallmarks of his design are all there– mid-century modern mixed with traditional silhouettes, interesting art, traditional architecture, great lighting, and a slightly more masculine vibe can all be seen in this home as in Michele’s other projects. The result is interesting, personality-driven, timeless and chic. Wouldn’t you love to escape to St. Tropez and stay in this stunning home?











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