Dissecting the Details: Cathy Kincaid

Hello everyone! Nancy of Marcus Design blog here to share a Dissecting the Details post with you today. I’m excited to be looking at the work of Dallas-based interior designer Cathy Kincaid, and more specifically how she pulls together the most stunning bedroom retreats. These rooms really exude a chic and cozy feel that would have me wanting to stay in bed all day. Let’s dissect four key features that Cathy consistently implements:

There’s no doubt when you begin to look through her portfolio that Cathy is not afraid to use pattern. Walls, drapes, and upholstered pieces are often adorned in the same pattern, and it really works to create a traditional feel. The oversized pattern you see used in the first image of this post keeps the traditional look still feeling fresh and modern.
Artwork, fireplaces, dressing tables, blue & white vintage jars, scalloped bedding, sconces, and (perhaps my favorite) decorative plates on the walls! All of these amazing pieces create a feeling of a bygone era, when more attention was spent on the details.
I love this one! Something I would like to do in my own guest room is create a flexible space with multiple twin or double beds. You never know whose coming to stay, and they may not want to stay in the same bed! I love the look in children’s rooms that Cathy has designed as well.
Is anything more personal than a monogram? A chic addition to any bedroom, Cathy is known for adding this luxurious detail. And I adore every example of pillow mix I see her create!
That’s 4 key finds in Cathy Kincaid’s bedroom, all of which I would want in my own home. Which was your favorite? You can see more of Cathy’s extensive portfolio here. Until next time!



2 thoughts on “Dissecting the Details: Cathy Kincaid

  1. Dissecting the details in my favourite post. It makes me look deeper.
    I love the look of twin beds, but other than for children, they are too narrow for adults. You feel like you may fall out when you roll over. Now two double beds would work nicely for some guests.

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