Dissecting the Details: Suzanne Kasler

Hello lovely LDV readers! Nancy of Marcus Design here, and happy to be sharing my latest Dissecting the Details with you. Ever since seeing Suzanne Kasler’s stunning display at High Point this year, I have had her gorgeous living rooms on my mind. So today I thought it would be fun to look into what Suzanne tends to do that makes these rooms as amazing as they are. I’ve come up with 4 key elements that I am attracted to in her spaces. Let’s dissect:




Solid, tape trimmed, or patterned fabric – I adore the use of drapery as a major player in Suzanne’s living room designs. They create such a lush feel and highlight the dramatic windows and french doors so perfectly. These rooms really would not be the same without the window treatments!




This is probably the feature that had me drooling the most when it came to Suzanne’s High Point display. She expertly curates the most amazing art walls, with a mix of metal frames, different matting, and neutral colors overall.




Powder blues, creams, and whites are Suzanne’s signature palette. Many of her spaces, as seen in the one directly above, utilize varying undertones of beige as the perfect backdrop for layering on subtle colors. Her tip is that “using a neutral base allows you to start adding layers of color, like my orange Christopher Spitzmiller lamps and the orange tray on the cowhide ottoman.”





This is another favorite element of mine; in a perfect way to create interest in a room, Suzanne displays console and side table vignettes even to the far corners of the room. Beloved objects, collections, and art get special treatment here. These types of groupings are often reserved for the entry way but it’s a lovely treat to have them in a room you spend more time sitting in!

That’s four of the special touches I see Suzanne consistently utilized in her spaces, did you notice any other favorite elements? To see more from her extensive portfolio, hop here to her website, and here to a previous Dissecting the Details focused on Suzanne’s entry ways. Until next time!


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