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It feels a little frivolous to spend a lot of time and energy on a design or fashion blog post now as we all process the election. Regardless of who you voted for, I believe this is a time for unity rather than further division. We should all come together and act as instruments of peace, hope, and progress. That being said, from the looks of my social media feeds, it seems a lot of people could use a bright spot in their day, so I thought it only appropriate to pull a blog post from the LDV archives filled with rooms by Miles Redd, the master of bright colors, that are sure to make you smile. Chin up! We are all in this together.
XO, Paloma

Hello fabulous LDV readers, it’s Nancy here from Marcus Design Blog! I’m back to share another installment of Dissecting the Details with you – looking specifically at the stunning portfolio of Miles Redd. He really knows how to create a memorable bedroom, not just as a restful retreat but also a luxe and sophisticated space. Here are 3 key features that Miles utilizes to design the ultimate blissful bedrooms:





Saturated jewel tones, bright primary colors, punchy stripes – Miles is the master of color. And yet it never seems overwhelming, each room seems to envelope you in the perfect hue.



The ultimate chinoiserie wallcovering pops up in several of Miles’ projects: de Gournay’s hand-painted wallpaper – truly artwork! Notice how he seamlessly pairs the wallcoverings with patterned carpet, bedding, and furnisnings? A perfect mix.




The key feature in a luxurious bedroom? A canopy bed. This is definitely a trademark in so many of Miles’ designs. You can’t go wrong with this classic investment piece.
And there you have it, 3 main features that Miles Redd uses in his bedroom retreats. Which is your favorite detail?



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