On My Bookshelf: Fall Must-Haves

My birthday is next week and just last night, my husband asked me what he should get me as a gift. I honestly couldn’t think of anything other than books or things that are slightly ridiculous! I am legitimately addicted to books and have always been fascinated by them. One of my favorite memories from my childhood is of my mom taking me to the public library every couple of weeks. I would peruse the shelves and fill up my big canvas bag with books upon books to devour at home. When I was growing up, I knew that as an adult, I would be happy if I had two simple things: a house filled with books and the ability to travel often. I am grateful to say that I have both.

The thing about addictions is that you always want more, so I am always thinking about the next place to visit, and I am constantly ordering books online. This fall promises to be quite fruitful in terms of inspiring new books in the design, fashion, and entertaining categories. I am planning to order so many wonderful new titles including a slew of gorgeous, new design books and the book I am most excited about– Ina Garten’s Cooking for Jeffrey! I just adore Ina and everything she does. There are so many titles that will be released this fall that I cannot wait to get my hands on! What will you be reading this fall?



3 thoughts on “On My Bookshelf: Fall Must-Haves

  1. Love all these books as well… I would add to the list the book by Sharon Santoni… My Stylish French Girlfriends…I agree… I always ask for gift cards to buy the newest coffee table books….thanks for sharing… Teresa

  2. I am right up there with you on books and traveling. I don’t travel as much as I would like, but I can certainly get my hands on some fabulous books. Love the list you provided. About half of them are on my list, too!

  3. I was a bit disappointed that they are all coffee table books. While I love pretty pictures and decorating ideas, it is also nice to tuck into a great read. Any suggestions along that line?

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