Fabulous Room 10.14.16


I love a classic, white kitchen. Few things are as timeless in my book. Some of you may think that white kitchens are boring, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Take Meg Ryan’s New York kitchen for example. By melding the design of the kitchen with architecture of her home– shelving that runs parallel to the height of her windows, masculine/industrial-style details, and a nice dose of contrasting texture compliments of her big, wooden breakfast table, the space becomes interesting and richly layered.


My favorite details in the kitchen are the floating marble shelves to match the carrara countertops and backsplash as well as the subway tile running all the way up to the ceiling. Also, notice the inset detail on the cabinet and drawer fronts. I love that unexpected touch. I also appreciate that her kitchen is styled like a true living space and not just a utilitarian one. The addition of framed, black and white photographs, books, and accessories make the space feel truly layered and personal. The stainless steel, double doors add a fun touch!


{Photography by William Abranowicz for Architectural Digest}

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