Coming Up Roses


Yesterday, I spent the morning checking out the home decor stores that dot Sacramento Street in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood. I couldn’t help but notice that I was complimented on my perfume four separate times in a span of two or three hours. I certainly don’t mean to brag, but I get a lot of compliments on my perfume, Rose de Grasse by AERIN. It is fresh, feminine and subtle enough that I don’t notice it, but it smells really lovely and lasts all day. The perfume is crafted with Rose Centifolia– one hundred-petaled roses which are picked by hand in Grasse, France where the art of fragrance was born in the 16th century.

Of course, when I was kindly complimented yesterday, I was reminded of the fact that Aerin Lauder, my perfume’s creator, was just featured on The Coveteur in her fabulous New York apartment. Let’s be honest, her Jacques Granges-designed home iconic at this point. Aerin herself is an inspiration for her style, business acumen, commitment to her grandmother’s legacy, and for creating her own lifestyle brand which has most recently added accessories after doing very well in the beauty, fragrance, and home categories. Here is a glimpse of Aerin at home. You can find the full tour on The Coveteur.







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