Dissecting the Details: Scott Yetman

Hi everyone! Nancy of Marcus Design blog here, happy to be back with the Dissecting the Details series today. I love to showcase the work of Canadian designers with you, as I myself am a Canadian, and this time around I am looking at the work of Montréal-based Scott Yetman. His spaces are an impeccable study of layered neutrals with the perfect mix of modern and traditional. Here are four key elements I find that Scott consistently uses in his living room designs:
Let’s start with the backdrop; there really isn’t a single space I’m showing you today with color on the walls. Scott chooses warm whites, panelling, coffered ceilings, dentil mouldings, and built in shelving to create interest on an otherwise blank canvas.
On top of the white & neutrals, Scott will add color in a very restrained way. Typically in tiny dashes here and there through artwork, pillows and other textiles. Notice his favorite go-to hues are Hermès orange and classic blue & white.
 I like that there is a ‘centre of attention’ in Scott’s living room designs. It seems to often be the fireplace that all of the furniture surrounds, but if no fireplace exists he masterfully ‘hides’ the TV in a curated gallery wall.
This has to be my favorite element of all 4, the antiques Scott mixes with his modern furnishings. If you begin to look closely you will surely notice every room contains at least one beautiful warm wood antique piece. And just look at that black fireplace surround!! There’s simply nothing that could bring more life and personality to a room than an antique piece, I often tell my hubby that if I was rich I’d have one stand out antique in every room of the house!Hope you enjoyed this installment, until next time!

7 thoughts on “Dissecting the Details: Scott Yetman

  1. As Eve said, my favourite posts are Dissecting the Details. I look at the beautiful rooms, then read the bottom caption, and once again study the photos. I am able to see so much more. Such beautiful rooms!

  2. Lovely Blog. I liked this post, but blank white walls with white furniture I personally believe requires a log of color on the walls. I have personally done interiors with strong accent walls using Custom Wall Coverings and Wallpaper for Walls instead of small canvas prints. But Scott Yetman has a great signature and thanks for the lovely post.

  3. Thank you for such lovely comments and compliments . When you devote your life to beautiful interior compositions , praise and understanding of what you do is greatly appreciated !

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