Dissecting the Details: Bunny Williams

Hello everyone! Nancy of Marcus Design blog here today, bringing you an installment of the Dissecting the Details series. We are delving in to the work of one designer, and deconstructing how they create spaces that sing. Celebrated tastemaker & interior designer Bunny Williams does just that, and she is a seasoned professional at creating a lust-worthy library. Let’s break down 4 key elements Bunny uses when designing these reading rooms.
Nothing says reading nook more than a rich, masculine color palette. Whether dark tones on the walls, or deep wood furnishings, it’s these details that create a library feel in Bunny’s designs. She often adds a high gloss or lacquer finish to elevate the space.
Every space pictured here contains ample reading light – via scones, table & desk lamps, bookcase lamps, and even a candle or two! And often the fixtures are in a gold finish, which is perfect for creating that warmth and glow in the room. Bunny herself states that, “every room should have some gold in it. It reflects light, and to me it’s not formal – to me it’s happy.”
Forget Wikipedia, in these libraries it’s all about the time-honored encyclopedia! You will find matching volumes in each of these spaces, and it really adds a touch of days gone by. I love the scholastic appearance of sets of encyclopedia’s or similar volumes, so much so that I’ve begun to hunt for the perfect set on eBay. You could also create the look with fabric or paper covered books.
Perhaps my favorite on this list, I adore how Bunny creates reading rooms with many functions. First a dining room turned guest bed, or perhaps a home office fully stocked with bookshelves:
Or how about the kitchen? Clearly Bunny thinks there is a place for piles of books no matter what the rooms main function is. And I think you will agree that the library-look adds so much character to each of these rooms.

So there you have it, 4 elements Bunny Williams utilizes to create the perfect library. To see more from her extensive portfolio hop over here, and follow Bunny Williams Home on instagram here. Au revoir, until next time!


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  1. I love Bunny Williams, her style is timeless and so inspiring! Great way to deconstruct some of her looks, too. My favorite one has got to be the choice of a dark, cozy palette- ideal for a reading corner or library, it makes the space feel cozy and warm…

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