A St. Helena Sanctuary


Between work and our upcoming move, the past couple of months have been extremely busy and hectic. I’ve been craving a little getaway, even if only for a few days in order to recharge, refocus, and return inspired and reenergized. Unfortunately, the reasons that I would love a little break are the same reasons that I can’t take one at the moment. I am so grateful for all of it, but sometimes, I also feel exhausted! In my dream life, we would have a little place in Napa Valley which would be ideal for the type of long weekend I have a hankering for. Until that day comes, I’ll find inspiration in charming homes like this Victorian house in St. Helena designed by Jay Jeffers. He made the 1890s house feel completely cool and hip with a masculine slant. How heavenly does the area by the pool look? Does it get anymore idyllic than having a glass of wine by an original, big, red barn?






Have a wonderful weekend!

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{Photography by Matthew Millman for C Magazine}

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