Carolina Herrera: Refined Irreverence


{A Beautiful Portrait by David Downton of the Ever-Chic Carolina Herrera in her Signature White Shirt and Black Skirt}

Over the weekend, I read about the new Carolina Herrera introspective at SCAD FASH in the New York Times. SCAD FASH Museum of Fashion and Film, is located within the Atlanta campus of SCAD. The Carolina Herrera exhibition, “Refined Irreverence” just opened and will be on display through September 25, 2016 as both a celebration of the legendary designer and the thirty-fifth anniversary of her iconic House of Herrera. I have admired Mrs. Herrera my entire life, and have always been in awe of her elegance, beauty, and refinement. She has lived a fabulous, jet-setting life, but has also been an incredible example for young women. I love that she continues to be a champion for elegance.


{A Glimpse of Refined Irreverence at SCAD FASH | Photo by Dustin Chambers for the New York Times}

I am hoping to be able to make it to Atlanta for the exhibit. In the meantime, check out this short, inspiring video from the New York Times.

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4 thoughts on “Carolina Herrera: Refined Irreverence

  1. I saw that, too. She is my idol. Can you believe she’s 77? She looks at least a decade younger. Her designs never look out of style, even years later. That short pink jacket she adjusts in the clip–the clever twist at the bottom is so unusual yet so timeless.

  2. I live in Atlanta, and this is on top of my list of must-see’s this summer. The High Museum just finished up an exhibit of Iris van Herpen (which, coincidentally, paired up well with the Met Gala) and it was amazing. I love Carolina Herrera’s style – it’s feminine but tailored, so it’s not too fussy. Can’t wait to see the exhibit!

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