Lust List: May 2016

While it technically isn’t summer just yet, I have been in New Orleans since last Wednesday and it certainly feels like summer here! Driving up and down Saint Charles Avenue in the Garden District and wandering through the French Quarter has me craving pretty dresses, feminine pieces, and cool weather fabrics. I have always thought of New Orleans as being genteel, elegant, and rooted in tradition. We’ve been surprised to find how casual and bohemian it is as well! It is a town of many layers, filled with so many interesting people. We haven’t worn most of the clothes we brought for dinners out because even at hot spots around town, people seem very casually dressed. I guess this would have to be my packing list for the New Orleans I had imagined, but I will take any version of this special town!

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.06.45 PM

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