A Hint of Citrus

Kumquats Bergdorfs Milan

{A Bergdorf Goodman Dinner at the Palazzo Reale during Milan Fashion Week | Image via @bergdorfs on Instagram}

I love fresh flowers. While a beautifully designed table can certainly set the stage for a magical evening, simple, fresh blooms can make a huge difference in one’s homes. I always bring in fresh flowers for client installations and those who don’t usually keep flowers at home always comment on how much they add to each space and say that they’d like to keep the fresh flower train going! Lately, I have been loving tabletops and centerpieces that incorporate citrus, particularly kumquats which are currently in season. They add a great dose of color and their size makes them perfect for a variety of arrangements. Admittedly, I usually keep my flower arrangements pretty simple– one type of bloom in a single color, but I am inspired to be a bit more adventurous and add a hint of citrus soon.

Kumquats Les Bonbons The Line

{White Hyacinths, Topiaries, and Kumquats at The Line’s Dinner in Honor of Rebecca de Ravenel and Les Bonbons | Image via @markdsikes}

kumquat honey of a thousand flowers

{Romantic White Flowers, Kumquats, and Pewter via Ruffled}

kumquat carolyne roehm

{An Elegant Blue and White Tabletop Setting featuring Kumquats by Carolyne Roehm}

kumquat julia lake{A Gorgeous Centerpiece by Julia Lake}

Kumquats The Proper Poppy

{My dear friend, Jennifer Keszler of The Proper Poppy has taught me everything I know about flowers. I love these vibrant arrangements she created featuring bright poppies and kumquats. | Image via @TheProperPoppy}

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