Spanish Style on Fifth Avenue

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I have professed my love for Spanish interiors many times over. One of my very favorite Spanish interior designers is the Madrid-based Lorenzo Castillo. Lorenzo has recently completed several projects in New York including this fabulous apartment featured in the March 2016 issue of AD Espana. Rooted in a neutral palette, the elegant Fifth Avenue apartment features a chic mix of modern and traditional furnishings, resulting in an environment that is at once timeless and fresh.

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{Photography by Manolo Yllera for AD Espana}

7 thoughts on “Spanish Style on Fifth Avenue

  1. Usually I love your choices, but I don’t with this home. Look at the seating, all of it. Attractive, granted, but nothing looked comfortable. I would be like a dog, circling, circling and not able to settle. Wire chairs in kitchen, backless stools at dining table, formal/perfect old lady couch, chaise backs are angled very straight up and down, plus in spite of the tucking, look hard.
    That’s my humble opinion

  2. Paloma,
    Any chance you can tell who makes the fabric on the small sofa at the foot of the bed? The font is far too small for me to read. It is perfect for a boys room that I am currently working on.
    As always I enjoy all your posts no matter how different they might be.I typically can appreciate something in each post.

  3. Paloma,
    Can you see who makes the chandelier above the dining room table? It is so simple but beautiful. Would love to put in my dining room
    Thank you for showcasing so many beautiful spaces. Always love the variation.

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