Fabulous Room 02.05.16

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This week, I am loving this chic dining room by Mayte Baquedano of Madrid. The designer’s elegant apartment is housed in a 19th century building in the heart of Madrid’s Salamanca neighborhood. The entire home is worth a tour, but I was especially taken with the dining room which also functions as a library. I very rarely use my formal dining room and have books all over my house, so I would eagerly welcome this idea in my next house. The white and black marble floors are at once classic and graphic, while the pale blue-green hue of the built-ins adds a nice accent. The room is punctuated by an antique Italian lantern, while in true Spanish style, the furniture is a mix of modern and traditional.

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The dining table is a sleek, modern number with a smoked glass top, upon which some blue and white Chinese porcelain adds a hint of color. The most interesting thing in the room for me is the mix of chairs. I love a classic Louis XVI-style dining chair and have used them in several clients’ dining rooms. They work in any style environment and in my opinion, are at once modern, yet completely timeless. They also lend themselves perfectly to customization and Mayte added the most brilliant personal touch. You see, the chairs had all been in her family for ages. As you can tell, they vary in silhouette, but she made them cohesive by having them all refinished in the same stain and upholstered them all in black velvet. The finished grouping looks fresh and lovely while the fact that they are family chairs gives the room meaning. Overall, the room is eclectic, elegant, and interesting. It feels curated rather than overly decorated. I don’t think I could love this more than I do!

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{Looking out from the Dining Room towards the Foyer and Living Room}

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{Photography via Nuevo Estilo}

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