In the Mood: February 2016

feb mood doors

{Steven Gambrel}

The past several days have been unseasonably warm in Houston. With temperatures in the mid-80s and sunny skies, it made for absolutely glorious weather over the weekend. We’re supposed to get a cold front tomorrow, but the warmer temperatures have me ready for spring! I’ve also noticed myself gravitating towards pale blue lately–a color I associate with spring– when I spend time on Pinterest. It isn’t usually a color that I use much, but I can’t deny how beautiful and timeless it is. We are presenting the design for a client project in a few days and I’ve used pale blue as the main color in the client’s bedroom. They wanted something classic and soothing, so I think it will definitely fit the bill. While it is technically still winter, I am sure we are all looking forward to spring and this particular shade of blue seems perfectly representative of both seasons. Don’t you agree?

feb mood flowers

{Blue Meets Botanical}

feb mood twombly6

{Cy Twombly}

feb mood christopher burns

{Christopher Burns}

feb mood giambattista valli couture

{Giambattista Valli Couture}

feb mood robert motherwell

{Robert Motherwell}

feb mood marlton

{The Marlton Hotel}

feb mood jeans

{Classic Chambray with Dark Denim}

feb mood cy twombly

{Cy Twombly}

feb mood axel vervoordt

{Axel Vervoordt}

feb mood linda rodin

{Linda Rodin}

feb mood serge poliakoff

{Serge Poliakoff}

feb mood atl bath

{Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles}

feb mood karlie

feb mood twombly2

{Cy Twombly}


{A Beautiful, Pale Blue Kitchen in South Africa via My Domaine}

feb mood white shirt

{A Well-Loved Pair of Boyfriend Jeans, a Classic White Shirt, and Grey Fendi Peekaboo Bag}

feb mood twombly4

{Cy Twombly}

feb mood mary mcdonald

{Mary McDonald}

feb mood oscar de la renta

{Oscar de la Renta}

feb mood twombly7

{Cy Twombly}

feb mood cameron kimber

{Cameron Kimber}

feb mood sofia

{Sofia Coppola}

feb mood twombly5

{Cy Twombly}


8 thoughts on “In the Mood: February 2016

  1. top photo attributed to Stephen Gambrel in Elle Decor by Mark D. Sikes on his blog

  2. Paloma you must love Twombly’s art as much as I do!
    This blue is so perfect, not too pale and enough saturated color to make a statement!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Hi Paloma
    Pale blue must be one of my favourite colours as I have a lot of it in my home, along with a collection of blue and white china so I especially love your post today.
    I hope that Spring is beautiful in your part of the world, I was delighted to see early blossom just coming into bloom over here,whilst walking on the weekend

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