Modern Meets Classic in Madrid

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I am a huge proponent of Spanish style. Well, Spanish everything, really as my heritage is Spanish and Spain and all the things that make it wonderful are near and dear to my heart. When asked who my favorite interior designers are, Spanish talents such as Luis Bustamante, Lorenzo Castillo, Lazaro Rosa-Violan, Thomas Urquijo, and Isabel Lopez often come to mind. The Spanish have mastered their own magical breed of eclecticism, unmatched anywhere else. Perhaps it stems from their rich heritage and the proximity to top-notch antiques dealers and one-of-a-kind finds. Undoubtedly, the rich tapestry of cultures that have created the modern Spanish identity must influence the design aesthetic there as well. My favorite Spanish spaces are filled with magnificent antiques juxtaposed with modern furnishings and abstract art. Each piece seems to tell a story, setting the stage for the characters that surely live in such divine homes. The look is thoughtful and deliberate, yet each space resonates with an effortless nature. These are layered spaces filled with eclectic pieces, bold patterns, rich colors, and art from a cross-section of periods, all composed with brilliant panache.

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Recently, while checking out the Nuevo Estilo website, I came across this piso, or apartment in Madrid. The home belongs to interior designer, Raul Martins. I was struck by the fact that the space is done in a completely neutral palette, yet it is filled with striking, graphic patterns. You’ll find a fabulous mix of furnishings and accessories from various periods and styles. David Hicks dizzying Hexagon wallpaper makes quite the statement in the  foyer above, while every other room is filled with an interesting combination of antiques, seating in traditional silhouettes, modern lighting, and quite a few geometric patterns which work together, rather than against one another thanks to Martins’ decision to go with a neutral palette.

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{Photography via Nuevo Estilo}

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