Room to Grow


I recently came across this chic, tailored Toronto townhouse in the February issue of Canadian House & Home. The image of the living room above appears on the cover and it immediately drew me in with its refined, masculine aesthetic. Designed by Mazen El-Abdallah, the home offers a fresh take on contemporary style blending mid-century modern pieces with the classic architectural details of the 120 year old house. To make matters even more modern, the homeowner is a single, tech executive who lives with a roommate and a tenant in the basement apartment! He was savvy enough to hire El-Abdallah who crafted the interiors to work with his current bachelor lifestyle, avoiding any typical bachelor clichés, resulting in a space that will grow with him as he eventually settles down and starts a family. I’d say that is a rather thoughtful approach, wouldn’t you? Some lucky girl or guy in Toronto will end up with a guy who was smart enough to hire an interior designer and a pretty chic house to boot!

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{Photography by Alex Lukey for Canadian House & Home}

One thought on “Room to Grow

  1. Just read this issue last evening and that cover story was one of the best parts –

    I loved the aesthetic which is masculine but warm. More Americans should pick up this magazine – I love that while it does have haute moments, many of the designs featured are accessible and inviting.

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