Fabulous Room Friday 12.18.15


After a very busy fall season, I have had the Napa Valley on my mind again a lot lately. I just love it there so much. It has been a whopping six months since our last visit (I know, I know!) and since Fabian and I always feel so happy and at peace there, we decided to forego gifts to each other this Christmas and instead, head to Napa. We figured it would be fun to take a few days away after Christmas and to ring in the New Year in a place we love so much. We booked a room at Meadowood this time on whim. It is such a last minute trip and goes against my type-A, super planner nature, but after getting our hotel, flight, and dinner reservations squared away in about 24 hours, I am feeling excited about spending time in our favorite place. The goal is to casually pop into some of our favorite wineries here and there and to try to keep our schedule as loose and fluid as possible in order to just hang out instead of adhering to a regimented schedule. I am hoping for morning walks, leisurely lunches, and a little vino, of course!


Since I have had Napa and Meadowood’s beautiful property on my mind, I instantly thought of Napa when I came across this beautiful Smith Lake, Alabama residence designed by my very talented friend, Andrew Brown. Meadowood is perched in the hills above the Silverado Trail in St. Helena and the rustic elegance of this chic living room by Andrew immediately transported me to Napa, even though it is actually in Alabama. I love the classic, neutral palette and the variety of textures in the space. The timeless furnishings work in symphony with the architecture of the space from the steel and glass, floor-to-ceiling windows and the rustic stone walls to the shiplap-clad walls in the adjoining kitchen. The result is elegant, yet relaxed and inviting– exactly what I am craving with Christmas and our sweet getaway just around the corner!


Have a wonderful weekend!

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{Photography Courtesy of Andrew Brown Interiors}

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  1. beautiful, I love how the various shaped legs on the tables in the room set each other off and add visual interest!

    Have a wondrous weekend Paloma!!

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