Dissecting the Details: Tom Scheerer

Hello lovely LDV readers, it’s Nancy of Marcus Design back with the latest installment of Dissecting the Details. Today I’m sharing the fabulous living rooms designed by Tom Scheerer. Each of these examples exude classic, soft, and sophisticated atmospheres that really lend to comfort. Let’s break down 3 key elements that Tom utilizes to create these fantastic spaces:
When you look through all of these living spaces, light whites, soft pastels, and subtle neutrals dominate. This achieves a relaxed vibe in a room designed for spending time visiting, reading, and just separating from the busy world.
Nothing is more statement-making than a grouping of beautiful artwork. Whether asymmetric or bilaterally symmetric, Tom prefers to use nature-inspired themes that lend to his distinctive brand of “island style.”
This may be by far my favorite element used in Tom’s spaces – grasscloth wallcoverings. The texture is divine, the natural colors he utilizes are so warm, and impact is incomparable. The last image of keeping the darker tone to the ceiling was a huge inspiration to me in my own recent vaulted living room design, I love how it contrasts with the white walls below!
And there you have it, 3 fundamental design elements that Tom Scheerer consistently uses in his rooms. Any other key features you notice and love? See more from Tom and his extensive portfolio here.

4 thoughts on “Dissecting the Details: Tom Scheerer

  1. Nancy I love Tom’s design aesthetic and how he adds such interest through art, textures and unique furnishings. His last book Tom Scheerer Decorates is a treasure!

    The Arts by Karena
    More Books for the Holidays!

  2. I went to a décor store in Chico, CA (really!) where they used grass cloth as curtains. I can’t try it myself because I think you need high ceilings, but it creates a marvelous atmosphere like Tom Scheerer design.

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