2015 LDV Gift Guide: Kids and Pets

Over the weekend, Fabian and I shopped for Christmas gifts for our nieces and nephew. We don’t have children of our own, so it can be a bit of a challenge to shop for little ones sometimes since we don’t always know what they are into. I’ll usually be sure to check in with family and friends to see what sizes their kids are currently wearing and what they are interested in at the moment. Having said that, I am usually driven by my love of a classic aesthetic for children and usually opt for things that are beautifully designed and meaningful. I love giving books that children will hopefully grow into and treasure for years to come and always find personalized items to be thoughtful and special. I hope this doesn’t make me the gift-giving equivalent of the person who gives out toothbrushes at Halloween! Since our child, Tate, is of the canine variety, I made sure to include pets in this gift guide as well. You’ll find a few stylish items for the sweet pets in your life here, too!

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{1. Hand-Knit Personalized Sweater— This is so special and such a chic gift! | 2. Blumoo Booties | 3. Set of 6 Puffin Classic Books| 4. Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Puppy— Just like Princess Charlotte’s! | 5. McKenna Striped Baby Blanket | 6. Maileg Scooter with Sidecar | 7. Baker’s Apron Set | 8. Madeleine Doll | 9. Kid Craft Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture | 10. Just Being Audrey Book | 11. J.Crew Factory Boys’ Donegal Neon-Tipped Sweater | 12. J.Crew Factory Boys’ Striped Pajamas | 13. Hampton Mermaid Tail | 14. Set of 4 Puffin In Bloom Collection Books— This would be nice for an adult, too! | 15. Maileg Toy Dining Set | 16. NYC Floor Puzzle | 17. Personalized Italian Leather Dog Leash | 18. Blue Les Touches Dog Bed | 19. Personalized Striped Dog Bed | 20. Hand-Painted Chinoiserie Dog Bowl | 21. Leopard Slipper Dog Toy | 22. Soiree Whiskers Le Chat Cat Bowl}

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