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I recently read on ArchitecturalDigest.com that one of my favorite designers, Michele Bonan is releasing a book later this month. I have admired Michele’s beautiful work and chic aesthetic since I first came across the JK Capri Hotel several years ago. In the time since, I have eagerly anticipated new projects of his because they never disappoint.

Michele, like most of the European designers I admire, has a true knack for bringing together elements from various periods and design movements to create a beautifully layered look. One of the latest hotel projects he has completed is the JK Roma Hotel. I haven’t been back to Rome in several years, but this property might be enough to entice me to return. The lounge at the JK Roma highlights the building’s stunning architecture. Michele kept the palette minimal, but incorporated striking art, sculptures, and architectural elements such as the marble door frames. Notice how the mid century modern-influenced furniture has a low profile overall, making the architecture of the space feel even more grand. The geometric cowhide rug adds a distinctly graphic and modern touch. The result is quintessentially Italian– elegant and alluring– as it brings together Italian antiques and sculptures with modern furniture that was influenced by the iconic Italian designs from the 1950s and 60s.



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6 thoughts on “Fabulous Room Friday 11.13.15

  1. I think that European designers have a certain something that American designers just don’t have.They seem to spend their whole time trying to imitate European design instead of establishing their own ideas.Take Ralph Lauren’s interiors for example;he has been using the same anglo-colonial aesthetic for years!!

    • I respectfully disagree. American interior designers like Jamie Drake and Kelly Wearstler (to cite just two examples) are highly original and distinctive in their approach. Ralph Lauren’s aesthetic is very derivative, yes, but there are so many others whose work is not slavishly imitative of their European peers. That’s not to say that U.S. designers aren’t influenced by European cultural traditions (after all, that’s part of OUR heritage, too), but the best ones develop their own unique perspective.

  2. Hi Paloma
    I still read your blog everyday, it’s one of my morning routines. I was in France this past September and stayed at the Marquis Faubourg Saint Honore which was also designed by Michele Bonan My husband is Italian so we have stayed at all the JK place hotels in Italy. My favorite by far was the Marquis. If you are ever in Paris I would highly recommend it!
    Janette Mallory

  3. I am so excited about this book.

    The JK Roma is one of my favorites place to go for a drink. Yes, the cocktails are pricey but the interiors are unreal.

    A few friends have written articles about for various travel magazines, so I had a chance to see a few of the rooms. Gorgeous.

    I would love to see the JK Place in Capri in person one day.

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