Instant Inspiration: Kevin Walsh @kevinbearhill


I have another source of “INSTAnt Inspiration” for you! One of my favorite people to follow on Instagram is the sweet and talented Kevin Walsh from Bear-Hill Interiors in Little Rock, Arkansas. Kevin is a talented interior designer with a sought-after design firm as well as the owner of the Bear-Hill Interiors store. Kevin has beautiful taste and an impeccable eye for style. I love seeing glimpses of his latest projects, whether they are completed or in progress. Kevin often shares photos of inspiration found on his latest travels as well as snaps of his two darling dogs, Ruby and Roxy. Social media is a truly amazing thing, isn’t it? It connects us to so many wonderful people who share our passions and who inspire us on a daily basis. Be sure to follow Kevin @kevinbearhill and let me know which accounts you love to follow on Instagram!

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