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Snip20151015_19I have been doing more and more public speaking and people always ask which form of social media is my favorite. I’d have to say that aside from my blog, Instagram is my favorite social media channel. I am endlessly inspired by the flood of images in my feed from people I know as well as those whose talents I admire from afar. It’s fun to see people jet-setting, at fabulous events, and of course, getting glimpses into the work of other creatives. There are certain people whose posts I look forward to the most because they share beautiful things or have a unique singular style. I thought it might be fun to showcase some of my favorite Instagram accounts every now and then with a new series called “INSTAnt Inspiration“.

First up, is my friend William McLure, @william_mclure. William is an interior designer for another talented friend, Bill Ingram. We met and hung out in High Point a couple of markets ago and have kept in touch ever since. I love following William on Instagram because he is constantly transforming his apartment into the chicest space with a very hands-on approach– think hand-painting a paisley pattern on his walls and painting his wood floors with blue and white stripes! With a few gallons of paint, great fabrics, classic furniture silhouettes, and some of his own beautiful artwork, William has created a layered, masculine, and timeless home. He also shares glimpses of his travel and projects with Bill Ingram, along with snaps of his darling Weimaraner, Baylor. The cherry on top is that William has a fabulous, self-depricating sense of humor and a kooky streak, so he’ll post funny videos of himself from time to time. I have absolutely no doubt that William is a rising young talent and we will see much more of his stunning work in the future. In the meantime, check out some of my favorite Instagram posts of his and follow him on Instagram @william_mclure!


{William’s Chic Bedroom}


{A Couple of Striking Vignettes from a Recently Completed Project}


{A Bedroom at William’s Apartment and a Mix of William’s Artwork}


{That is NOT wallpaper!}


{The boy must never sleep!}


{A Glimpse of a Beautiful Project Bill and William have been Working On}

{A Boy and His Dog: William and Baylor at the Chic Bill Ingram Architecture Offices}

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