LDV Loves: Arbre de Matisse

quadrille billy baldwin

{Billy Baldwin}

One of my very favorite fabrics is Quadrille’s Arbre de Matisse. It was made famous by Billy Baldwin who used it in the apartment he shared with his partner Woodson Taulbee during the 1960s. Billy and Woodson developed the fabric pattern based on the Henri Matisse painting that hung in their living room. Their living room then appeared on the cover of Billy Baldwin Decorates and has been included in countless chic interiors. It also happened to serve as the inspiration for a project I am currently working on. I absolutely adore the fabric in the brown and white reverse as shown in the next few images. A few years ago, images of Tory Burch’s apartment were featured in ELLE and again in Harper’s Bazaar launching a new fascination with Arbre de Matisse, though this time in the vibrant blue reverse color. Fifty years after its inception, this timeless fabric continues to be both versatile and fresh. Which color is your favorite?

quadrille markham roberts

{Markham Roberts via House Beautiful}

quadrille veere greeney

{Veere Greeney}

quadrille michael s smith

{Michael S Smith}

quadrille patrick mele

{Patrick Mele}

quadrille tory burch LR

{Tory Burch via Harper’s Bazaar}

quadrille tory burch elle

{Tory Burch via ELLE}

quadrille liz caan

{Liz Caan}

quadrille lourdes gutierrez

{Lourdes Gutierrez}

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4 thoughts on “LDV Loves: Arbre de Matisse

  1. Brilliant post! I have loved that wallpaper and fabric since I got the book “Billy Baldwin Decorates” from my in-laws in 1972 or 1973! My mother in law wrote in it…..”Don’t dabble! Do it for real; or don’t do it at all!!”

    43 years later……with a career I have loved and am very proud of…I am happy to say I “didn’t dabble”!

    Love your posts, Paloma….and I loved meeting you at the La Cienega parties!!


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