At Home in Spain

Costos Smith

It is no secret that I absolutely adore my ancestral country of Spain, so I was especially thrilled to see the latest iteration of the U.S Embassy in Spain, as envisioned by Michael S. Smith. Michael’s partner, James Costos is the U.S. Ambassador to Spain, prompting the couple to spend a good deal of time in Madrid. The U.S. Embassy houses public spaces downstairs and the private quarters upstairs. While the entire residence is unequivocally elegant, blending very traditional elements with an incredible collection of mostly modern art, Michael sought to honor a quintessentially American spirit in the rooms on the lower floor that would be seen frequently by visitors. Conversely, the bedrooms on the upper floor are Spanish to the core, utilizing a very classical approach. Being that I am wholly American, but feel that much of my personal essence is influenced by my Spanish heritage, I have a deep appreciation for the way in which Michael set out to honor Spanish style and tradition, striking a balance with an unmistakeable American allure.

costos smith-2

Costos Jasper-3

Costos Smith -4

Costos-Smith Sitting Room

For more details and a video tour of the residence, visit Architectural Digest.


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{Photography by Francois Halard for Architectural Digest}

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