Dissecting the Details: Katie Ridder

Hello lovely LDV readers! Nancy here from Marcus Design blog, happy to share another installment of Dissecting the Details with you today. I’m looking at the home office spaces created by the fabulously talented Katie Ridder. I’ve summarized 4 key features Katie uses when designing a den; let’s take a closer look:
The desk is a key feature of a study. I adore the stand-out statement each of the timeless furnishings above make. And paired with a perfectly complementary chair, it’s a match made in heaven. Katie’s design approach really makes mixing antique and modern pieces look effortless.
A pop of color on the floor-to-ceiling bookcases makes for a stunning space. And as you can see in the pink example above, lacquering acts to enhance this effect. Colorful books, chairs, and artwork that Katie uses create a cohesive feel.
Table lamps, floor lamps, sconces, library lights atop the bookcases … the list goes on! All of these create a layered effect with lighting at different heights that makes for a warm and inviting space.
Scrolling through each of these den photos, take note that the desk is not the only important furnishing. In fact Katie is a master at creating multiple seating areas that will invite numerous people to make use of the space at the same time.
And there you have it! 4 elements that Katie Ridder implements to create polished and sophisticated, yet completely usable home offices. To see more from her extensive portfolio, hop over to her site.

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